10 easy ways to boost your sales with holiday promotions


Wednesday, 21 November 2017  |  Jennifer Heuett  |  Tips & Tricks

10 easy ways to boost your sales with holiday promotions

The holiday season is upon us (seriously, where did the time go?) and that means Christmas shopping has already begun. People are inundated with adverts around this time of year, which means they are looking for eye-catching deals that will save them both time and money. The businesses who win during the holidays are the ones who play it smart and cater to these deal seekers. If you’re looking to do your own promotions, read on to see our list of ideas.

Buy one, get one free

Altitude Media buy one get one free hand holding two notebooks

Offering the chance to buy one thing and get another for free helps customers so much with their shopping needs. It’s especially great if they’re looking for gifts to give to family, co-workers or to donate to a holiday toy fundraiser.

Bring a friend

Altitude media refer a friend three friends with three drinks cheers

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, this promotion can work brilliantly. Offer a discount to those who bring in a friend – that way, they both benefit.  With this promotion, you brought in two people to your store, rather than one (or none!). Add a positive in-store experience to the mix, and you have added a few new customers to your list. Oh, and this works well for referrals too!

Discount first online purchase

Altitude media discount first online purchase woman using laptop

Offering a discount for first-time customers works like a charm and turns browsers into buyers. Giving added value to your customers, especially in the form of a discount, can make a big difference and is proven to influence customer loyalty meaning they will be likely to come back time and time again.

Free domestic shipping

Altitude Media free domestic shipping mailbox covered in snow that says merry christmas

This is a big one. People are shopping for others all over the country, so offering free shipping for domestic purchases is a killer deal. The money they save on shipping could ultimately turn into an extra item purchased from your website.

Free gift wrapping service

Altitude Media free gift wrapping woman holding present wrapped with pinecone and gift tag

Christmas shopping can be a hectic experience; ticking off the gifts on your list, and even running from store to store. To some, gift wrapping is just another chore on that to-do list. Take the stress out of their shopping extravaganza and offer free gift wrapping. This can be done both online and in-store and is a great incentive for customers to buy more than one product from you so their gifts come already wrapped. It’s a win-win.

Themed promotions

Altitude Media themed promotions light up box with merry xmas written on front

Tie your promotion to a holiday theme. Offer a series of giveaways, discounts, or fun promotions to get customers involved more than once. Running a series of the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ is a great example. Use each day as a new promotion, inviting your followers, email subscribers, or customers to participate online and in-person. Creating a promotion around a theme makes it more engaging and is a great way to show your generosity.

Pre-order discount

Altitude Media pre order discount shopping mall in melbourne australia with rows of shop fronts

Are you looking to roll out a new product or service around the holidays? Pair your new offer with an incentive to order in advance. For example, ‘pre-order our new cookbook coming out December 10th and go into win a $50 gift pack with everything you need to make our favourite recipes.’ This not only promotes your new product, it also gets people to buy your product! Add a feature to share the promotion on social channels, and it also acts as a brand awareness campaign.

Free gift with purchase

Everyone loves a freebie – it’s a universal truth. If you want to really blow your potential customers away, offer a freebie that adds value. What would your target audience like? Think of a small gift that they would love and use and add it to the promotion.

Package products

Altitude media package products wooden box filled with perishable foods and jars

Showing a customer that they can save money by purchasing more than one item is a great promotion, regardless of the season. They save money and you make money – it’s the perfect scenario. Packaging products together are convenient. It can also act as market research to see what items your customers like to buy together.

E-mail subscription discount

Altitude media email subscription discount two people on their laptops with wrapping paper ribbon and drinks on table

This is an oldie but a goodie. It goes like this; anyone who signs up to your e-mail list receives a discount on their next purchase. Meanwhile, you are building your customer base, and getting qualified leads (that is, people who you know are interested) on your subscriber list for a small price.

What to do after the promotion

Holiday promotions can be as simple or complex as you make it. We suggest starting small, and work your way up to bigger promos later on when you feel like you can tackle more ingredients. If this is your first year trying out a promotion, make sure to document the process. Compile a list of questions to ask yourself after the silly season so you can build a better campaign strategy next time:

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t?
  • What can you do better for next year?
  • Would the promotion you used work at different times of the year?
  • What was your ROI?
  • Did you advertise your promotions to the correct target audience?
  • Did you communicate your promotion with ease?
  • Was it easy to participate in your promotion?
  • What social network responded the most? The least?

As with everything in marketing, test, test, and test again! This will help you find the sweet spot between offering value to your customers and making a profit for your business.


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