5 Tips for Building an Email Marketing Strategy

Tuesday, 2nd April 2019 Bayley Corfield | Tips & Tricks

In a world dominated by social media, there’s something to be said about a simple email popping up in your inbox. It’s personal, direct and it’s not competing with thousands of other posts on your feed. Aside from being a great way of communicating person to person, it’s also a fantastic database should anything happen to social.

Tell me, if Facebook and Instagram disappeared tomorrow – would you have any way of contacting your people? With the recent social media apocalypse taking out these platforms for a whole day, a lot of people realised that they didn’t. This is where building a mailing list and a killer, email marketing strategy, come in to play!

I’m going to run you through 5 key points you should be considering when building out your all-important email marketing strategy so you can dive head first into the wonderful world of electronic direct mail.

Do a Data Analysis and/or Competitor Analysis

This is the first piece of the puzzle. If you’re a seasoned emailer, then you’ll already have a heap of information to work with. Go through your past campaigns and tear them apart.

What are the trends?
What’s working well?
What could be improved?

Really dissect every aspect of your previous emails from the most popular times people opened them to the content they clicked on the most. All of this information is going to be essential going forward in your strategy.

The next step is to do a competitor analysis. Now if you’re a newbie, this is where you’ll get a lot of your info so don’t skip this part! Sign up to heaps of different mailing lists and start saving their emails.

Set up a folder called “Email inspo” if you have to, just make sure you’re keeping track of emails that stand out and ones that are a little lacklustre.

Next, make a list of all the common trends, which businesses are killing it and WHY. This will serve as an awesome resource when you’re starting out or if you need a bit of a refresh.

Set Some Goals.

Setting goals is a no brainer. It’s something that should be included in every strategy. Take some time to brainstorm EXACTLY what is you want to achieve through EDM’s.

you aiming to increase revenue?
Awesome, write down exactly what percentage you want to increase it by.

Do you want to build stronger relationships with your people?
Nice! Now write down exactly how you plan on doing that.

We recommend starting out with three solid goals, and you can always adjust these if they change or you have more. Just remember, you’re emailing people with a PURPOSE, and each email you send should help you get a step closer to achieving your outlined goals.

Define Your Audiences

Note how I said audiences and not audience. That’s right, you’ll have more than one, and each audience will need to receive different content. For example, the people who are fresh to your mailing list will want to know about who you are and what they can expect. These people will need a welcome email!.

Loyal customers can skip this step and will need to be nurtured with exclusive deals, newsletters and any other information you think will help strengthen your relationship and trust. Make sure you identify all your different audiences and build out what they look like in your strategy.

Figure Out Your Content and Design

It’s important to identify the TYPE of campaigns you are going to send out. Like I mentioned above, different audiences will require different content. You need to define what that is and build out what that looks like.

Will you provide a newsletter?
What will be included in this?
How often will this go out?

Establishing the kind of content, you’ll be creating takes the guesswork out of things and allows you to be direct with your message.

Set Up a Reporting System

Reporting is an essential step in your email marketing strategy. If you don’t report on your efforts, you won’t be able to see where you are doing well and what can be improved. We recommend setting up an easy to follow document that you can update once a month. The key metrics we reckon you should keep track of are as follows…

  • Clicks

  • Open Rate

  • Total Revenue

  • Total Sales

  • Unsubscribes

These will give you a good overview of what’s working and where you can improve in your future campaigns.

An email marketing strategy is essential because it puts you on a path that will help you achieve your goals. Follow my tips above and you’ll be cranking out some epic emails in no time!

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