Christchurch Small Businesses of the Year 2018 Edition

Wednesday, 18th December 2018  |  Jennifer Heuett  | Live, Work, Play

Christchurch Small Businesses of the Year 2018 Edition

We may be located in the mountains, but Christchurch has become our adopted home away from home…plus Bayley lives there 🙂 Christchurch has long been a place of change and a place for community and, lately, one of the best places for small businesses to establish themselves.

Through our work and events we have come to love all things and all people in the Garden City. Our list is comprised of small businesses that we think are a wonderful example of Christchurch`s endless adaptability and quest for community. To all the businesses that are building this city one day at a time, we are so excited to see what you get up to. Christchurch has come alive and we are here for it.

Further Faster NZ & Long Cloud Kayaks

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys taking your dog on your adventures, Further Faster NZ is your place! They specialise is outdoor gear for humans and dogs, and let me tell you, they do it right. I love this company because of soooo many reasons, but one is that they are killing it on social and in person. The personality they share on their social networks is the same personality you get when you walk in the shop -and they highlight their adorable doggo Badger who brings his own personality to the game. They create fun, unique and adorable (because, dogs) content that includes gear and beer reviews, outdoor event coverage, behind-the-scenes, their own outdoor adventures and blog posts with tips and tricks to get you outside. They have grown MASSIVELY in the last year and a big part is due to their consistency in building their online presence.

Instagram: @furtherfasternz

Further Faster

Smash Palace

Bayley’s local watering hole (and previous employer of her partner David) is a super cool, casual place for a bevvy in the sun. With hard-working, down-to-earth staff and an atmosphere that attracts creatives and bikies alike, it’s a hot spot located right in the city centre. Smashie P burgers are some of the best in the city (check out their photos on Instagram) and are perfect washed down with a pint of cider or one of their large selection of local beers. We’ve loved watching the evolution of Smash Palace from their tiny section on the corner of Victoria Street to their return to their original neighbourhood (They previously owned the popular Goodbye Blue Monday bar in Poplar Lane pre-quakes). We hope their reign as bogans running a dope bar from a bus lasts for years to come!

Instagram: @smash.palace

Smash Palace

Pepa Stationery

Stationery lovers, addicts, freaks, etc are catered to at The Christchurch Arts Centre’s resident stationery shop, Pepa. I’m a little biased as they were our first client, but they have built their own community of kind, loving and totally cool followers both online and in store naturally. They have given pencil and paper a new life, providing space in their shop to write letters, cards and notes. It’s a cosy brand, and you immediately feel that from their social content to their tiny shop presence. But not only do they supply the world with uber cool stationery, they truly believe in what they do and who they do it with. Owner Ami is one of the FEW NZ businesses to offer mental health sick days for all employees and she has built a new standard of passionate and compassionate places of business. Did I mention that they’re stationery and products are cute as shit?

Instagram: @pepastationer

Pepa Stationery

Biz Dojo Chch

Although Biz Dojo itself isn’t necessarily a small business, Biz Dojo Christchurch HAS to be included in this list as they help hundreds of small businesses in every step of their biz journey. We frequent Biz Dojo and even had one of our events there and let us tell you; they’re just freaking awesome. This place is filled to the brim with epic people doing epic stuff in Christchurch and man are they bringing FUN to the workplace. With a bangin’ decor, daily stuff quizzes and desk yoga sessions, it feels more like a hip hangout area than an office. We love the vibrant energy that BizDojo brings to the city and are so grateful to have met Leon and the team this year. If you’re in Chch and looking for an office drop in for a tour, they’ll even teach you how to use the espresso machine! And might we add that their social is getting better by the day… 🙂

Instagram: @bizdojochch

Biz Dojo Christchurch

The Cake Eating Co.

Who doesn’t like delicious sweet treats? The Cake Eating Co. makes me hungry everytime I look at their Instagram feed and also makes me want to have an excuse to celebrate something every day so I can buy a cake. Their social feeds are so good and so simple. They understand what their audiences want and take complete advantage of showing off user-generated content (UGC) in their Instagram Stories like they created that platform themselves. They’re also huge into their community and are extremely realistic about being human and running a business. I literally wait Every. Single. Day. for their IG posts because they let me know what flavours of deliciousness they conjure up for the day. Honestly worth the follow just to learn a thing or two from their approach to building a cake-loving community online.

Instagram: @thecakeeatingco

Vanessa Ortynsky

MK Press

Looking for a fresh dose of design inspo? You’re gonna want to follow MK Press on Insta. Headed by the very talented (and badass) Jane Maloney, MK press is a risograph business supplying creatives throughout NZ with their riso fix. 2018 saw Jane partner with the Christchurch City Council to provide FREE riso workshops to the locals. Such an incredible feat for a small biz but she knocked it out of the park and left a lot of creative people very happy. We’re excited to see what Jane’s got in store for us in 2019, and we’re hoping for some exciting AM – MK collabs in the future.


MK Press

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