How to Create Killer Content for Social Media

Wednesday 13 September, 2017  |  Tips & Tricks

How to Create Killer Content for Social Media

We probably don’t have to tell you that social media is a huge part of life for many people. Social media is where you will find your friends, your family, and most importantly – your customers. It presents a unique, golden opportunity for you to connect and advertise directly to them, on a device they carry around 24/7, and in the moments they’re most attentive, any time of the day or night.

But how do you make that connection? Maybe you’re just starting out, and building a following seems time-consuming and overwhelming. Or maybe you’re using all the social media platforms you can think of, and your posts just don’t seem to be working.

Your content is the key. Thoughtful, well-designed content can grow your customer base, create a community of loyal fans of your products, and take your business to the next level. Read on, and we’ll help you create killer content for social media.

Know who you’re calling before you pick up the phone

Great content starts with understanding your audience. Once you know who is listening and engaging with your business – in other words, once you know who you’re talking to – you can understand the kinds of posts that appeal to them. Use analytics tools like Facebook Insights on your social media accounts to find out who is reading and reacting, and when.

To reach new audiences, do your research first. Think about their interests, favourite things, the kinds of imagery that would appeal to them, and the way they communicate. Find other brands that speak to the audiences you want to reach, and pay attention to the way their posts are structured, when they post and how often. The more you think of your social media posts as a direct conversation with someone, the more effective they’ll be.

Keeping track of your analytics every month will also help you to understand what is working and what may not be doing so well. Don’t know where to start? Download our free social media analytics dashboard.

Never run out of things to say

There are so many different themes for content you can make! We’ll cover just a few of the more popular ones. It’s usually best to start with 2-4 different categories, create a bank of posts that fit into those categories and plan a schedule for publishing them over a period of time. You can branch out into other themes as you feel more comfortable and learn what works for your business.

  • Behind-the-scenes: Introduce some key players in your business, and show them working to create the product that you are selling. This gives a personal face to the business and the product, and helps foster trust so the audience can feel like they are part of the whole process.
  • Promotions and giveaways: Who doesn’t want free stuff, or at least a special deal? Cross-promotions with other brands can expand both of your communities, and giveaways of your services or products give people a chance to try something new and feel like they benefit from following your content.
  • Takeovers: Connect with local or travelling social media influencers and give them access to your accounts for a period of time. Find people with accounts whose content is in the same ballpark as your own (e.g. travel, photography, a particular hobby) and whose target demographic is one you want to attract. This not only gives a fresh perspective in your content, but opens up personal connections with others in your industry and helps further your online presence.
  • Blog posts: This is a chance to get more in-depths with topics of interest to yourself and your community. We have another post coming up that will go deeper into the benefits of blogging, so stay tuned!
  • Events: Whether you’re hosting an event so your community can better understand your product, a launch for a new product or service, or attending someone else’s event as a representative of your brand, share it! Let your followers know where you’ll be and why you want them to join you.
  • Surveys and polls: Get to know your audiences better by asking them what they like, and asking for their feedback. People love talking about their own experiences and sharing their opinions – don’t just allow them to do this, actively encourage them! Read their responses and use this information to benefit your brand and find what content is most popular among your readers.

The Dos and Don’ts of content posting

  • DON’T: Write a novel – get to the point. Unless you are posting a blog, keep the word count under 50 characters. With so many different brands and products all marketing on social media, your community will find it easy to skip past a long, wordy post. You want to keep the text light, the imagery engaging, and the call-to-action direct: “Like this post if…,” “Tag a friend who….,” etc.
  • DO: Make sure you’re using quality photo and video content to represent your brand, and that it also fits with your online voice. Your images should be clear and beautiful! They are the part of the post that will usually get the most attention. If you’re posting videos, keep the content appropriate to your audience and make sure the video is engaging and not too long (definitely less than 2 minutes, usually no more than 30 seconds). Keep in mind that most people will see the video muted on a mobile device so it needs to be fully effective without a soundtrack.
  • DO: Let your personality shine! Find an authentic, approachable voice and feel for your brand and use it consistently – consistency keeps customers. If your audience uses emojis and it fits the image of your business, you should use them – even if you don’t like them yourself. There is a reason they are so popular: They work. They help to bring a personable element to your posts.
  • DON’T: Force your customers to go looking for your products – make it easy for them to simply click and purchase anything featured in your content. Ensure the links in your content are precise and appropriate. Don’t link to your homepage if it forces your audience to make three more clicks to find the product mentioned in your post.
  • DO: Tag relevant people, businesses and organisations in your posts. Sharing a photo of another business using your product? Partnering with another company for a promotion? Tag them! It helps your community as well as the other business, and shows that you engage with others as much as you’re asking them to engage with you.

We hope this guide will help you create the killer content that will take your business higher.

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