Do You Really Need a Social Media Strategy?

Tuesday, 3rd July 2018 Jennifer Heuett | Tips & Tricks

You need a social media strategy. Here’s why.

Before you decide to start posting like crazy on social media, you will need to do some groundwork first. It all starts with getting clear on why you’re on social media in the first place. Follow along with these steps to form a strong foundation of your goals, objectives and direction for your social media strategy. It will be fun I promise!

First things first- Identify your goals. 

Your social media strategy should include social media goals that align directly with your business goals. Think of goals as the corner piece of a puzzle that allows for other pieces to fall into place; you need them in order to move forward.

Create the voice of your business.

The voice of your business is crucial to your strategy. It is the way people will perceive your business before they even meet you or use your product, so be very precise. BIG TIP: Tell your story in a voice that you want people to associate with you in every piece of content.

Define your target audience(s).

Figuring out who your key audience is isn’t about who’s going to spend the most money. It’s about targeting certain demographics that will benefit from your business AND have an interest in what you do, especially in social media. You can have more than one audience and I suggest mapping out a primary target audience (your main audience you will be writing content to) and a secondary target audience (another audience option). When you are thinking of your target audiences, be detailed. These details can include age range, level of income, gender, employment, marital status, education, key interests, and geographical location.

Research your competitors.

This part is vital to getting your strategy razor sharp. Researching your competitors or other industry leaders with similar audiences will give you great examples of what works and what doesn’t on social media. Look at their sites and how their followers are being targeted, what types of posts they’re publishing, and the engagement between the follower & company. This is a brilliant way to reach your own audience. Ask yourself… How do you stand out?

Choose your networks.

You do not need to be on every social network out there. Focus on the sites where your target audiences hang out. Researching and understanding the purpose behind each network will help you choose the networks you need to be on. Search for similar products/services/businesses on each network to see if existing customers are engaging on that network. If not, don’t bother. Go where the people are liking, sharing, and engaging with similar businesses to yours.

Pick out a management tool.

Did you know that you do not have to write out your social media posts one at a time? There are several media management tools out there to help you schedule posts, compile great content, & engage with your audience without even going on the social network! Not only is this a complete game changer, it’s an incredible tool to keep track of your productivity and manage multiple sites in one spot.

But I have no idea what a management tool even is or how it works…

That’s ok! Basically, a management tool manages your posts for multiple networks and saves you heaps of time. There are several to choose from, ranging in price, reporting, user allowance, scheduling and other important features. Research which tool will work for you, your budget, AND will save you time. A few of the popular management tools are Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, Planoly, CoSchedule and our favourite, Sprout Social.

Monitor and measure.

Monitoring your sites is critical to improving your social performance and keeping in line with your business goals and marketing plan. You can measure them weekly, monthly or quarterly, it’s up to you. I recommend measuring them weekly and then pulling together monthly reports. An Excel or Google Sheet works fine to record your insights. See? A social media strategy IS important. We’ve laid out all the important details above to get you on your way to being online with purpose!

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