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Five Tips For Creating Content For Social Media

Creating content for social media can be incredibly overwhelming and time-consuming if you don’t have the rights tools and methods in place. We consider ourselves seasoned content creators and have learnt some tricks along the way that help take the stress out of this process. We’re going to share with you our top FIVE tips so you can start smashing your content creation out of the park.

Engagement is KEY

If you’re in the mindset that getting heaps of followers is the end goal then we’re here to tell you that is NOT the case. As nice as it is to have quick confirmation that people are enjoying your content, the real goal is to have insane engagement on your posts. When we say engagement we mean, comments, shares, likes and direct messages. Anything that shows people are stopping and taking the time to interact and be social with your content. When creating your posts make sure you are producing content that you know your audience will WANT to engage with. We’ll go into this a bit further towards the end of this blog post but in the meantime, always keep in mind what message you are trying to convey to your audience, how that is going to add value to them and how are you going to encourage them to engage.

Be Prepared

Our next tip is to be prepared! Successful social media management DEPENDS on great organisation. Remember – you want your social media marketing to work for you and not the other way around. That means putting systems in place to make your content creation as efficient as possible. One way to do this is to make sure you have blocked out time in your week or month specifically dedicated to your social media efforts. Instead of setting aside time daily – be smart and do it all in one go. You’ll begin to see that preparing your content in advance will help you get more done and keep you more focused while you’re working on it.

Content Calendar.

This leads us to our next tip. Get yourself a content calendar and STICK to it. This could be a spreadsheet or a printed document. Whatever you choose to use make sure it’s easy for you to follow and something that you enjoy using. A content calendar will allow you to plan a few weeks, or even a few months in advance and you’ll know exactly what posts have to go out on what day. It’s a fantastic way to keep yourself accountable!

Use a Social Media Management Tool.

This is essential for us as we manage multiple accounts. It’s an absolute game-changer as it saves you heaps of time and allows you to get the most out of your social media marketing. If you’re not familiar with what a social media management tool is – it’s a platform that allows you to create content in advance and schedule it across multiple social networks. Some tools will even post the content automatically on your behalf. As you can imagine this shaves hours of time off your social media management and prevents you from having to constantly log in and out of accounts to post through the day. There are a range of free and paid versions out there and some of our faves are Sprout Social , Buffer , Hootsuite , Planoly and Later . We recommend checking them out and choosing one that works for you.

Report and Repeat

The easiest way to see if your content is reaching your audience the way you intended is to do a monthly check-up. The main thing you will want to refer to for content creation is engagement. As I mentioned earlier engagement rates are the biggest indicator that your audience is enjoying your content. Therefore, you’re going to want to go back and analyse the posts with the highest engagement rates every month. These posts will help to inform your content creation for the next month. Likewise, any posts with low engagement will help to inform you of the content you should avoid.

Those are our FIVE top tips for maximising your content creation. We go into more depth on these topics as well as provide heaps of insider tricks, tips, worksheets and tutorials in our latest course Creating Content for Social Media. You can check it out and enrol here

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