How to successfully build a loyal social media community

Wednesday, 20th February 2019 | Jennifer Heuett | Tips & Tricks

How to successfully build a loyal social media community

Have you ever gone to post on your social networks to realise you ACTUALLY have no idea what you’re doing or WHY you’re doing it?

Guilty as charged.

Back in the early days of my social media management life, I used to post without a care in the world. I just wanted to put up content consistently to beat the algorithms and keep at the top of the news feeds. I didn’t care what I was posting, I just wanted people to ‘like’ and ‘share’ it as much as possible. I did not care about building a loyal social media community at all.

Looking back at my old ways of creating social media content, I CRINGE.

I was denying my community my BEST WORK because I was focusing on all the wrong things; the number of likes and followers. What I should have been doing was setting intention and value with every post.

But with all things in life, that was a big lesson. And I can tell you from our own experience with Altitude’s content and the content we produce for our clients, building an engaging online community only happens when you serve them each and every day.

That’s not to say you need to produce new content every day, that just means you are showing up for your followers to answer questions, share new updates or just say hi.

So, how do you create content that continues to build a loyal social media following?

Here’s how:

Use your freakin’ face
People connect with people. This isn’t a new-found idea. Think about the brands that you feel a connection with. I bet you watch their Instagram Stories every day. I bet you value their opinion and I bet you tell other people about them. That can all happen for your business too when you start to show the REAL PEOPLE behind the brand. If your business isn’t one to show your own face, use brand ambassadors to do the face-showin’ for you. Social is social. So, be social.

Make your social media community do something
You know at a concert when the lead singer has the crowd clap or sway their hands back and forth? They’re asking for audience participation and it makes the experience THAT MUCH BETTER. It’s the same with your content. Ask your community to do something. Engage with them, ask them questions, let them choose your next product or next menu items. Let them be involved in your business. They’ll feel special and wanted and will keep coming back to help you. Oh, and they’ll tell their friends how much fun you are. Bonus!

Ask for feedback
Seriously, some of the best transitions in your business will come from customer/community feedback. Like I try to tell myself, if you don’t ask, you don’t know. Make it a point that you TRUST your social media family and they will trust you back. That will be the biggest win for your biz. When a follower trusts your brand, they become customers. The transition is like solid gold for your business. Treat it accordingly.

Create insanely valuable lead magnets
Everyone loves a good freebie. But don’t make it just free, add VALUE to their lives. Make it count. Make their day. Go into creating a lead magnet (giving something away for free in exchange for something- usually an email address) with 100% pure intention of wowing your community. Don’t half-ass this. Your followers will be able to tell. And if it comes across desperate, you’re toast. A lead magnet could be a guide, checklist, cheat sheet, worksheet, top tips, etc. As long as it’s solving an issue for your target audience, you should see your audience lap it up.

Interact and show up!
I cannot express to you how many businesses do NOT SHOW UP on social media. Let me ask you this, if someone were to call your business, you’d answer the phone. Same goes for social. If someone messages your business, you answer. Leaving unanswered questions in this day and age is a massive no-no. So show up, comment back, interact with other businesses, and share the love. Build this into your task list every day. Five minutes of interaction and answering messages in the morning and five minutes at night. That’s it!

Social media does not have to be scary. I don’t know who started that rumour that it’s a terrifying, complicated experience because it’s not. It’s fun, it’s personable and it’s the fastest way to get to know your customers. And the majority of the time, it’s FREEEEEE. 

About The Author

Jen found herself on a one-way ticket from USA to New Zealand in 2011, completely unaware that it would lead her to building the business of her dreams. Experienced in blogging, marketing, and social media, she landed a job in the tourism industry where she has built key relationships with in influencers, tourism boards and local businesses before creating Altitude Media.

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