Our Story

We wanted to do something different, so we built a marketing agency in the mountains.

We’re storytellers and problem solvers. Our mission is to provide honest and reliable marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes.  


We’re based in beautiful Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. Our creativity feeds off the mountains, the lake, and the stunning scenery that surrounds us. Our environment shapes our daily lives and also our approach to business. Basically, we think we’ve found the greatest work-life balance.


We live in paradise. Lake Tekapo is a daily inspiration and a good excuse for clients to visit.


We work hard. We’re fully dedicated to providing stellar services and growing businesses.


We take our playtime seriously. When our work is done, we’re off on adventures.


We’re as strong in our core values as we are in experience. They are us, and we are them. It’s very serious stuff!


Altitude was built to help local businesses connect with their customers. We love to give back, too. We run workshops, training and consultations for the business community of Lake Tekapo and beyond. We’re constantly looking for new ways to get involved.


Creativity is life! We celebrate the creative process in everything we make. No idea is a bad idea here. We value our team’s blue-sky thinking because it’s an integral tool for our creative solutions. In order for us to be different, we have to think differently.


We pride ourselves on being transparent, reliable and honest. Altitude gets results because we have free and frank discussions on what works and what doesn’t, both with our team and our clients.


Every day at Altitude Media is an adventure. We come to work to kick ass and help clients reach new heights.

See you at the top.

Bayley Corfield

A social media junkie at heart, Bayley always has one finger ready to scroll. She’s spent the past three years navigating the ins and outs of the digital world and has a passion for helping businesses make the most of their interweb presence.

With a BFA in photography she can’t go past a well curated insta grid and has an interest in telling stories through photography. She also gets a kick out of creating beautiful content for clients.

Local escape: The latest inner city restaurant or diving amongst the waves at one of Christchurch’s amazingly underrated beaches (only when it’s warm).

Source of inspiration: All of the strong women in her life and young creatives striving to achieve their goals.

Happy Hour topics: All things food related, her skincare routine and the latest movie or TV show that blew her mind.

Jennifer Heuett

Self-diagnosed with wanderlust at an early age, Jennifer found herself on a one-way ticket to New Zealand in 2011, completely unaware that it would lead her to build the business of her dreams.

Experienced in blogging, marketing, social media and talking too much, she landed a job in Tekapo’s tourism industry where she built key relationships with influencers, tourism boards and local businesses before creating Altitude Media.

A serial learner and optimist, Jennifer is always on a mission to better herself and get shit done.

Local escape: The open road…and any local bookstore she can find.

Source of inspiration: Her grandma, who was the sassiest, most loving and independent person she’s known.

Happy Hour topics: Travel, travel, travel. And if red wine is involved, your feelings.


+64 27 215 6066
PO Box 224, Lake Tekapo

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